Obituaries, 03-12th of October 2012

Harris Savides, Keith Campbell, Alex Karras, George Friedman & John Tchicai have passed away. May their souls rest in peace.

Harris Savides: September 28th 1957 – October 9th 2012
Cinematographer Harris Savides lost his battle with brain cancer and passed away this week aged 55. A highly respected member of the movie industry, Savides had worked with some of Hollywood's most esteemed directors, including Ridley Scott, Sofia Coppola and Woody Allen. Born in Manhattan and raised in the Bronx by Cypriot immigrant parents, he went on to study at New York's Visual School of Arts and first worked as a fashion, then music video photographer before moving to the movies. Savides is survived by his wife and daughter.

Keith Campbell: May 23rd 1954 - October 5th 2012
British scientist Keith Campbell passed away at his English home this week. He was 58. Campbell became famous for his part in the cloning of Dolly the sheep in 1996 in Scotland, the first biological experiment of its kind. It was an endeavour which divided the science community leading to many countries banning the practice for ethical concerns, especially the idea that it may one day lead to human cloning, something which Campbell was against. Born in Birmingham, UK, Campbell graduated from the University of London in 1978 with a degree in microbiology. He is survived by his two daughters.

Alex Karras: July 15th 1935 – October 10th 2012
Footballer and actor Alex Karras passed away at his Los Angles home this week aged 77. The former Detroit Lions lineman garnered a reputation as one of the League's most fearless tacklers in a career that spanned well over a decade and the 1960's saw him included in the era's all-star team. His omission from the Hall of Fame has puzzled many. Born in Gary, Indiana he graduated from Iowa University and was drafted by Detroit in the opening round of 1958. After his sports career came to an end, Karras gained many roles in TV shows such as "M*A*S*H" and film parts followed. He is survived by his wife, six children, three brothers and five grandchildren.

George Friedman: January 4th 1935 – October 7th 2012
Developer and marketer of perfumes for some of the world's most elite fashion houses, George Friedman, passed away at his New York home this week at the age of 77 after suffering a heart attack. His portfolio included work for Ralph Lauren, Paloma Picasso and Estee Lauder. Born in Brooklyn, Friedman graduated from Brooklyn College with a psychology degree in 1956 and briefly saw military service. After 12 years in advertising, his foray into the beauty industry came with a position at Estee Lauder followed by Aramis and Clinique. Friedman is survived by his wife, son, two stepsons and two brothers.

John Tchicai: April 28th 1936 - October 8th 2012
Legendary saxophonist John Tchicai has passed away this week at the age of 76. As well as jazz stars such as Cecil Taylor, Albert Ayler and Archie Shepp, Tchicai could also boast of having played with John Lennon. Born in Copenhagen, his first love of music was found in the form of a violin before moving on to the saxophone as his passion for jazz blossomed in his teens. The mid 1960's saw him play with the New York Art Quartet before he moved back to Denmark at the tail end of the decade. After withdrawing from music for many years, the 90's onwards saw his artistic renaissance, as he lived between California and Europe. Tchicai is survived by a son and daughter.

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