Obituaries, 12th – 18th of April 2013

Dave McArtney, Sir Colin Davis, Robert Byrne, Michael France & Pat Summerall have passed away. May their souls rest in peace.

Dave McArtney: 1950 – April 15, 2013
Dave McArtney, a legend of the New Zealand music industry, has passed away this week at the age of 62. Known as the founding member of the Kiwi rock n' roll bands Hello Sailor and Pink Flamingos, McArtney's career spanned four decades, his most famous song being "Gutter Black." In 2011 he was inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame and had won numerous awards in his home country. In 1986 he directed and composed the music for the "Queen City Rocker" film and from 2003 until his death taught at the New Zealand Institute of Music. McArtney is survived by his wife, their son and daughter.

Sir Colin Davis: September 25, 1927 – April 14, 2013
Renowned British conductor, Colin Davis, has passed away. He was 85. Born in Weybridge, UK, into a musical family, Davis went on to gain a scholarship at the Royal School of Music. After completing his military service, he worked as a freelancer before securing positions with the BBC's Scottish and Symphony Orchestras before becoming most well-known for his work with the London Symphony Orchestra. Davis was the principal conductor of the Royal Opera House for fifteen years and also worked with the Boston Symphony and New York Philharmonic Orchestras. He taught in London and Dresden, Germany. In 1980, he was knighted. Davis is survived by his second wife and seven children.

Robert Byrne: April 20, 1928 – April 12, 2013
Chess Grandmaster and author, Robert Byrne, has passed away this week aged 84. Born in New York, he was part of a generation of chess greats that included Larry Evans and George Kramer. Byrne won his first tournament aged 18 and became an International Chess Master seven years later at the Helsinki Olympiad, also graduating from the University of Yale in the same year. Byrne went on the teach philosophy at Indiana University, though eventually gave up to pursue a full-time career in chess. Between 1952 and 1976, he represented the US at nine Olympiads, winning seven medals and was a columnist for the New York Times. Byrne is survived by his second wife, a son and two grandchildren.

Michael France: January 4, 1962 – April 12, 2013
Screenwriter Michael France has passed away at the age of 51. He penned many hits, usually action based movies, such as "Cliffhanger," "Hulk," "Fantastic Four" and the James Bond movie, "GoldenEye." Born in St Petersburg, Florida, he graduated from the University of Columbia and soon moved to Los Angeles, where he eventually sold his script for "Cliffhanger." He later moved back to his hometown, where he purchased the local historic Beach Theater, which was built in the 1930s and famous for its screening of independent, art-house and foreign movies. France is survived by his wife and their three children.

Pat Summerall: May 10, 1930 – April 16, 2013
Legend of the NFL, both on and off the field, Pat Summerall, has passed away. He was 82. After playing, Summerall went on to be an American football commentator working with the likes of CBS, Fox and ESPN, and covered 16 Super Bowls. Born in Lake City, Florida, in the 1950s he played for the Arkansas Razorbacks and the NFL. He retired in 1961, joining CBS a year later. In 1977, Sumerall was voted National Sportscaster of the Year and inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1994. The Pat Summerall Award has been presented at each Super Bowl weekend since 2006. He is survived by his second wife, two sons and a daughter.

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