Obituaries, 12th-19th of October, 2012.

King Norodom Sihanouk, Eddie Yost, Gart Westerhout, Michael Asher & Sylvia Kristel have passed away. May their souls rest in peace.

King Norodom Sihanouk: October 31st 1922 – October 15th 2012
Cambodia's former ruler who led the country to independence from the French, having been installed by them, has passed away this week aged 89. His six decade public life also saw him take part in movie-making, journalism and politics. Born in Phnom Penh and schooled in Saigon, Sihanouk went on to marry at least six wives and father over a dozen children. A divisive historical figure, he cared deeply for his country and especially its poor, but must shoulder some blame for the uprising and atrocities of the Khmer Rouge and his failure to control them. He spent years in exile in Beijing in the 1970's before returning to his country as head of state.

Eddie Yost: October 13th 1926 - October 16th 2012
The Washington Senators' star third baseman of the 50's passed away this week at the age of 86. Nicknamed "The Walking Man" for his skill in coaxing opposition walks, it was a talent that saw him lead the American Baseball League six times in walks and with a total of 1,614 he is ranked eleventh in the history of the game. He also once held the record for most home runs while leading off games. Born in Brooklyn, Yost attended the University of New York and briefly joined the Nats before a stint in the Navy. After his retirement, he also coached the Boston Red Sox. Yost is survived by his three children, two grandsons and his sister.

Gart Westerhout: June 15th 1927 - October 14th 2012
Legendary Dutch-born astronomer Gart Westerhout has passed away at the age of 85. He is most well-known for helping to accurately chart the galaxy of the Milky Way in the 1950's though his other achievements were manyfold, including becoming scientific director of the United States Naval Observatory and creating the astronomy program at Maryland University. Born in the Hague, Westerhout fell in love with the stars at an early age and attended the University of Leiden where he took math, physics and astronomy. He would later become an American citizen. Westerhout is survived by his wife, four children, six grandchildren and his sister.

Michael Asher: July 15th 1943 – October 14th 2012
Renowned conceptual artist Michael Asher passed away at his L.A. home this week aged 69 following a long illness. Born in Los Angles, he attended the University of California and began his career teaching at the state's Institute of the Arts. His works included a 1970 gallery at Pamona College which had no door and was left open 24 hours a day in order to embrace the noise and light from the outside street and a 1999 booklet which listed every object that had been sold or traded by the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In 2010 Asher won the Whitney Museum's Bucksbaum Award, an acknowledgement of an artist whose work was included in the institution's biennial.

Sylvia Kristel: September 28th 1952 – October 17th 2012
Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel suffered a stroke and passed away this week aged 60. She had recently also been battling cancer. Born in Utrecht, Netherlands, Kristel went on to star in over 50 movies, her most famous role being that in the erotic controversial "Emmanuelle" in 1974. Before her acting career, she had worked as a model and other movie roles included "Lady Chatterley's Lover," "Mata Hari" and "Private Lessons." She is survived by her partner, Paul Brul and a son from a previous relationship.

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