obituaries, 16th-23rd of August 2012

Phyllis Diller, Remy Charlip, Tony Scott, Don Raleigh, Patrick Ricard have passed away. May their souls rest in peace.

Notorious comedienne Phyllis Diller has passed away this week aged 95. Diller, who was loved for her willingness to be the butt of her own jokes, was one of the first to address feminine and feminist issues during her routines. As well as much TV work throughout her career, Diller also starred in a number of movie roles and a turn as leading lady in the Broadway hit "Hello, Dolly!" Born in Ohio's Lima on July 17th 1917, Diller's first love of performing came through playing the piano which she would eventually study at college before moving to California with her first husband, Sherwood. Her big break would come nearly 20 years later on Jack Paar's "Tonight Show". She is survived by her son and two daughters.


Dancer, choreographer, writer and illustrator, Remy Charlip, has passed away in San Francisco aged 83. An inspirational creative talent across a range of art forms, Charlip was born in in Brooklyn, New York, on January 10th 1929 and was to gain a degree in fine arts before joining the Merce Dance Company a short while later. He founded the children's theater group, the Paper Bag Players and authored and illustrated many books for youngsters including "Dress Up and Let's Have a Party" and "Arm in Arm." He is survived by two nephews.



Movie director, Tony Scott has died from an apparent suicide, jumping from a Los Angeles bridge. He was 68. Brother of Ridley, Tony Scott was responsible for a host of highly successful action movies such as Top Gun, Days of Thunder and Beverly Hills Cop II. His work on True Romance proved that he was also more than capable of handling movies of greater artistic depth. Born in Northern England on June 21st 1944, Scott initially harboured dreams of becoming an artist, then a documentary maker, before securing work as an ad director. It was from this that he landed his first major movie, Top Gun, which would go on to become one of the most successful movies of the 80's and establish Tom Cruise as a Hollywood force. Scott is survived by his third wife and two sons.



Rangers All-Star center, Don Raleigh has passed away this week at his Ontario home, aged 86. Raleigh was the first N.H.L player to score sudden death overtime goals two games on the bounce in a Stanley Cup final series. Born on June 27th 1926 in Kenora, Ontario, Raleigh was to become the youngest player in the history of the Rangers when he played his first game aged seventeen. His career was to last a decade, constantly being one of the team's best scorers and playmakers. Raleigh is survived by his son, brother and five grandchildren.



Patrick Ricard, the man behind the world's second largest spirits company has passed away this week in the south of France at the age of 67. His company included household and luxury alcohol brands such as Absolut vodka, Perrier-Jouet champagne and the whisky, Chivas. Born into his father's liqor company in Marseilles, 1945, Ricard would become the CEO less than thirty years later. The company grew in stature, based around the success of its aniseed tipple of the same name, eventually taking over a host of brands across the globe. In 2003, the French-Canadian Chamber of Commerce voted Ricard Person of the Year, which was followed by him being named European Businessman of the Year in Fortune Magazine three years later. In 2007 he was bestowed with his nation's greatest award, the Legion of Honor. He is survived by his wife and three children.


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