obituaries, 23rd-30th of August 2012

Malcolm Browne, John Kelsey, James Fogle, Neil Armstrong, Dr R. Palmer Beasley have passed away. May their souls rest in peace.

Influential Vietnam War reporter Malcolm Browne passed away this week at the age of 81. He made his name in the early 60's with a photograph of a Buddhist monk who set himself alight in protests outside the Cambodian embassy in Vietnam; it was a picture that was to have great political ramifications and would later play a part in him being awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1964. The previous year, he had been made the young bureau chief of Saigon for the Associated Press in the war-torn nation. Browne was born in New York on 17th April 1931 and went on to gain a degree in chemistry before being sent to the Korean War as a tank river in the mid 50's. It was there that Browne began writing for the army newspaper, and after his stint with the AP, moved to the New York Times where he stayed for three decades. Browne is survived by his third wife, a son and a daughter.


Co-architect and designer of the Norton Simon Museum (originally named the Pasadena Art Museum), John Kelsey has passed away this week aged 86. Along with co-designer Thornton Ladd, they were architectural pioneers who believed that the buildings themselves should be "part of the event and experience" of art. Born in Los Angeles on December 7th 1925, Kelsey would go on to graduate from USG and later form the company Ladd & Kelsey which over the coming decades was responsible for some of the world's boldest projects like the CalArts in Valencia and the Busch Gardens in 1966. Kelsey is survived by his third wife; three children from his first marriage, two grandchildren and a brother.
Convict and writer, James Fogle, has passed away this week while in prison at the age of 75. Fogle was notorious for his apparent addiction to crime and even after his published book "Drugstore Cowboy" was turned into a highly respected Hollywood feature, the felon always found himself on the wrong side of the law with his latest term being a 16 year stint for robbery. Born on September 29th 1936 in Elcho, Wisconsin, Fogle would venture into a life of crime at an early age, stealing his first car when he was only 12 and later moving on to drugstore break-ins - the exploits upon which he would base his novel and find fame.



Neil Armstrong, one of the greatest heroes of all time, passed away this week following complications from surgery. He was 82. On July 20th 1969, Armstrong uttered those immortal words, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" has he became the first to step foot upon the lunar surface, an event that was watched by 600 million people around the globe. Born on August 5th 1930, Armstrong would go on to fly dozens of combat missions as a fighter pilot during the Korean war and later as a test pilot he flew some of the fastest and most dangerous planes at the cutting edge of aeronautical technology. Admired not only for his dedication and courage but for his absolute humility, when asked how it felt to be the first man on the moon, he would often answer that: "I was certainly aware that this was the culmination of the work of 300,000 to 400,000 people over a decade." Armstrong is survived by his wife, two sons, a stepson, stepdaughter, ten grandchildren, a brother and a sister.



Dr R. Palmer Beasley, one of the leading epidemiologists and infectious disease experts ever has passed away at the age of 76.His most important discovery was that of the link between the hepatitis B virus and liver cancer, so significant because it proved that a virus could trigger cancerous cells within the human body. Beasley's findings resulted in vaccinations that saved countless lives. Born in California, he would go on to gain a degree in philosophy in 1958 before attending Harvard Medical School and later the University of Washington from which he received his master's degree in preventative medicine. Beasley's medical career would see him be awarded the King Faisal International Prize in Medicine, the Charles S. Mott Prize, the Maxwell Finland Award for Scientific Achievement and the 2010 Distinguished Scientist Award by the Hepatitis B Foundation. He is survived by his second wife, two children from his first marriage, a daughter from his second, a brother and two grandchildren.


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