Obituaries, 26th – 02nd of November 2012

Natina Reed, Terry Callier, Hans W. Henze, Letitia Baldrige & Eloy G. Menoyo have passed away. May their souls rest in peace.

Natina Reed: October 28th 1979 – October 26th 2012
Actress and R&B singer Natina Reed has passed away after being hit by a car in Georgia. She was just two days shy of her 33rd birthday and her death has not been treated as suspicious. Born in Queens, New York, Reed first found fame in the late 1990's with trio Blaque, whose hits included "808," "Bring It All To Me" and "I Do." 2000 saw her land a role as a cheerleader in the movie "Bring It On" and a year later she became engaged to rapper Ricardo "Kurupt" Brown. She is survived by their son.

Terry Callier: May 24th 1945 – October 28th 2012
Jazz, folk and soul singer-guitarist Terry Callier lost his battle with throat cancer and passed away this week. He was 67. Born in Chicago, during his teens he was signed by his city's record label Chess, with his debut single, entitled "Look At Me Now," released in 1963. Throughout the 60's and 70's his recordings and concerts received much critical acclaim though his album sales did not reflect that and he was eventually forced to give up music for a regular job in order to support his family. The 1990's saw Callier's talent finally appreciated in the UK where he suddenly became the godfather of the British jazz and soul underground. He was invited to perform in London which led to collaborations with Beth Orton and Massive Attack and a duet with Paul Weller. Callier is survived by his daughter.

Hans Werner Henze: July 1st 1926 – October 27th 2012
Music virtuoso Hans Werner Henze has passed away at the age of 86. Born in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, his extraordinary talent led him to being thought of as Europe's first operatic composer, of which he composed 24 – along with 12 ballets - such as "La Cubana" and "Venus and Adonis." Furthermore, Henze's concert hall compositions number over 200. He moved to Italy in 1953 and it was from there that his career blossomed commercially and he was to spend the majority of his life in the country. 1963 saw his music first performed across the Atlantic by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. Henze was awarded the Ernst Von Siemens Music Prize in 1990 and a decade later was the recipient of the Praemium Imperiale.

Letitia Baldrige: February 9th 1926 – October 29th 2012
Former chief of staff to Jacqueline Kennedy, author, businesswoman and etiquette expert, Letitia Baldrige passed away this week at the age of 86. Born in Miami, she went on to graduate from Vassar College and later found administrative work in Europe upon which she based her first book, "Roman Candle." Baldrige became the First Lady's social secretary at the White House but left before the President's assassination and soon started up her own marketing business. The 1970's saw her first make a name for herself as an etiquette expert with a newspaper column along with later books such as "Letitia Balfrige's Complete Guide to Executive Manners." She is survived by her husband, a daughter, son and seven grandchildren.

Eloy Gutierrez-Menoyo: - December 8th 1934 - October 26th 2012
Former aide turned traitor to Fidel Castro, Eloy Gutierrez-Menoyo, has passed away aged 77. Born into a militant Spanish family in Madrid, Spain, Menoyo was moved to Cuba before he had reached his teens. He later formed his own militant army that would join forces with that of Castro and see Menoyo appointed with Cuba's highest rank. However in 1961 he lost faith in Castro's political leadership and fled to Miami where he gathered a force dedicated to the Cuban leader's overthrow. In 1964 the group entered Cuba but were later captured by the government and he escaped death to be sentenced to 30 years in prison, of which he served 22. Menoyo then moved back to the US and committed himself to aiding peaceful talks between the nations and in 2003 was allowed to return to reside in Cuba. Gutierrez-Menoyo is survived by his wife, a daughter and three sons.

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