Obituaries, 28th – 3rd of January 2013

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Bruce Stark, Alfie Fripp, Mamie Julie Rearden, Susan Nolen-Hoeksema & Ian Mckeever have passed away. May their souls rest in peace.





Bruce Stark: 1933 – December 29th 2012
Iconic cartoonist Bruce Stark has passed away at the age of 79. He had been suffering from emphysema. Stark, a multi award winning artist was born in New York, later joining the US Navy and fighting in the Korean War before securing work with the New York Daily News in 1960. He remained there for over two decades. Stark was famed for his caricatures of celebrities and sporting personalities and was assigned to create covers for magazines such as Time, Forbes and Fortune. After leaving the Daily News in the early 1980's he continued to freelance and has work permanently displayed in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Stark is survived by his wife and two sons.

Alfie Fripp: June 13th 1913 – January 3rd 2013
The oldest living as well as longest serving British prisoner-of-war, Alfie Fripp passed away this week. He was 98. Born in Alverstoke, UK, Fripp harbored dreams of joining the military from a young age and enlisted in the Royal Air Force in 1930. Only weeks after the declaration of war by England against Germany in 1939, Fripp was shot down and captured, remaining a prisoner until the end of the war. He continued to serve in the RAF after his release and remained with them for nearly four decades before working as a teacher. Towards the end of his life he famously remarked that he had forgiven, but not forgotten his former enemy and captives.

Mamie Julie Rearden: September 7th 1898 – January 2nd 2013
The oldest living black person, American and 4th oldest person on Earth, Mamie Julie Reardon, has passed away at the age of 114 years and 117 days. Born in South Carolina, Reardon worked as a teacher after graduating from Bettis Academy Junior College in 1918. A year later she married Ocay Reardon, who died in 1979. They had eleven children, the oldest of which died in 2009 aged 92. Reardon passed her driving test aged 65 and held the title of the oldest living African-American for nearly a year.

Susan Nolen-Hoeksema: May 22nd 1959 – January 2nd 2013
Author and award-winning Yale University Professor of Psychology, Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, has passed away aged 53 following complications from heart surgery. Born in Springfield, Illinois, she went on to gain a psychology degree from Yale and later a Masters and PhD from Pennsylvania University. After working at Stanford University, Nolen-Hoeksema was a tenured professor at the University of Michigan and later the head of the Yale Depression and Cognition Program. Her many awards in her field included the Early Career Award of the Psychological Association of America and the American Psychological Association Leadership Award. He book, "Women Who Think Too Much" was a best-seller. She is survived by her husband and son.

Ian Mckeever: February 13th 1970 – January 2nd 2013
Record-breaking mountaineer Ian McKeever passed away this week after being struck by lightning on Mount Kilimanjaro. He was 42. Born in Ireland's Lough Dan, McKeever graduated from University College Dublin. He went on to set various records including the five peaks world record for British and Irish mountains, the fastest climb of the seven highest summits on each continent and the most reek climbs on Ireland's Croagh Patrick. McKeever also founded the Kilimanjaro Achievers Organization, taking students to the mountain from his home nation, never once failing to make the summit. He is survived by his fiancée.




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