Obituaries, 9th -15th of November 2012

Bill Tarmey, K. C. Pant, Will Barnet, Bob French & Alexandro Alves do Nascimento have passed away. May their souls rest in peace.

Bill Tarmey: April 4th 1941 – November 9th 2012
One of the most loved and longest serving characters of British soap opera Coronation Street (which itself is the longest running program of its kind in the world), Bill Tarmey, has passed away aged 71. Tarmey, who played the humorous role of Jack Duckworth for over three decades, had had issues with his heart for many years, suffering his first heart attack at the age of 35. Born in Manchester, England, Tarmey began work as a construction laborer and later found success as a nightclub singer before landing the life changing role in Coronation Street. He is survived by his wife and two children.

K. C. Pant: 1931 – November 15th 2012
Former cabinet minister for the Indian Government, K.C. Pant has passed away after suffering a heart attack. He was 81. The son of a former leading local politician, Pant was born in Nainital and went on to attend Lucknow University where his interest in politics blossomed. His first election victory came in the early 1960's and by 1979 he became leader of the house. He was later the country's first Energy Advisory Board Chairman and between 2000 and 2004 held the title of India's chairman of the Planning Commission. Pant is survived by his wife and two sons.

Will Barnet: May 25th 1911 – November 13th 2012
US artist, Will Barnet passed away this week aged 101. Born in Beverly, Massachusetts, Barnet discovered his creative talent as a youngster and went on to study at Boston's School of the Museum of Fine Arts and later in New York. Famed for capturing wildlife and humans in both natural and dreamlike visions, Barnet's talent and reputation later led to teaching positions at the University of Yale and the Academy of Fine Arts in Pennsylvania. He is survived by his wife, daughter and three sons.
Bob French: 1938 – November 12th 2012
Jazz Drummer and US radio personality, Bob French, has passed away at the age of 74. Born in New Orleans, French founded his first band at school and a few years later recorded with the legendary Fats Domino. Since 1977, he had been the leader of The Tuxedo Jazz Band, a role that he took over from his father, Albert. French is survived by his four children, two brothers and his nephew who has now taken over The Tuxedo Jazz Band.

Alexandro Alves do Nascimento: December 30th 1974 – November 14th 2012
Brazilian soccer player Alexandro Alves do Nascimento has passed away this week aged 37. He had been suffering from leukaemia. Born in Brazil, Alves was a talented center forward who played throughout his home nation, Europe and later in China. His honors include being part of the 1994 title winning team of Pammeiras in Brazil, winning the Copa Libertadores in 1997, the Recopa Sul Americana a year later, scorer of German Goal of the Year in 2000 and the following two years winner of the German League Cup. He finished his career having scored over a hundred goals, though it was ultimately cut short though his illness, forcing him to retire from sport early.

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